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[dir] 1 Chronicles78.7 MB
[dir] 1 corinthians35.2 MB
[dir] 1 john10.3 MB
[dir] 1 kings18.3 MB
[dir] 1 peter10.4 MB
[dir] 1 samuel21.5 MB
[dir] 1 Thessalonians7.3 MB
[dir] 1 timothy9.5 MB
[dir] 2 chronicles22.4 MB
[dir] 2 corinthians22.8 MB
[dir] 2 john1.1 MB
[dir] 2 kings20.5 MB
[dir] 2 peter6.4 MB
[dir] 2 samuel18.1 MB
[dir] 2 Thessalonians4.2 MB
[dir] 2 timothy7.0 MB
[dir] 3 john1.1 MB
[dir] acts89.3 MB
[dir] amos13.0 MB
[dir] colossians8.1 MB
[dir] daniel37.7 MB
[dir] deuteronomy97.4 MB
[dir] ecclesiasties18.1 MB
[dir] ephesians12.0 MB
[dir] esther19.4 MB
[dir] exodus115.3 MB
[dir] ezekial41.7 MB
[dir] ezra6.8 MB
[dir] galations12.2 MB
[dir] genesis138.4 MB
[dir] Habakkuk1.7 MB
[dir] Haggai1.2 MB
[dir] hebrews28.2 MB
[dir] hosea5.6 MB
[dir] isiah29.9 MB
[dir] james9.3 MB
[dir] jeremiah45.4 MB
[dir] job16.1 MB
[dir] joel2.2 MB
[dir] john70.2 MB
[dir] jonah1.3 MB
[dir] joshua16.4 MB
[dir] jude2.4 MB
[dir] judges16.1 MB
[dir] lamentations3.8 MB
[dir] leviticus21.1 MB
[dir] luke94.6 MB
[dir] malachi1.2 MB
[dir] mark57.0 MB
[dir] matthew93.5 MB
[dir] Micah3.4 MB
[dir] Nahum1.4 MB
[dir] neamiah9.6 MB
[dir] Numbers38.0 MB
[dir] obadiah711.6 KB
[dir] philemon1.8 MB
[dir] philippians8.8 MB
[dir] proverbs10.6 MB
[dir] psalms150.0 MB
[dir] revelations45.6 MB
[dir] romans37.8 MB
[dir] ruth2.2 MB
[dir] song of solomon2.2 MB
[dir] titus4.0 MB
[dir] Zechariah4.2 MB
[dir] Zephaniah1.7 MB
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