Collecting Email from your POP account

The best way to COLLECT email related to your website is to use Outlook or Outlook Express or equivalent to get the email directly from our mail server. Though we can simply forward email to your ISP (i.e. BT, Pipex, Blueyonder etc) email account, this is less reliable because email has to come into our servers, forward to your ISP's servers, and then be collected by you.

However when Hosted by us we provide a "Webmail" service included in the package price. This allows you to send and read email, anywhere, from any computer that can connect to the internet. This advanced facility is like that offered by huge organisations, such as Microsoft, on their "Hotmail" service.

REMEMBER. To SEND email you use your ISP's email account. This is because of the problem of unwanted SPAM email. The volume of this has led ISPs (who you use to connect the internet) to refuse to pass outgoing email to third party email servers. In short, they want you to use their outgoing email servers so that they can instantly cut off your internet connection if you abuse the server by sending SPAM.

We will provide you with the following information. Be sure to have it to hand before following the instructions below.

The INCOMING MAIL SERVER NAME e.g. (or  as appropriate.
The ACCOUNT NAME e.g. (generally the same as your email address)

Your ISP has already provided you with the following information. If you do not know it then look at your existing email account (if any) using the method described in the second link below (SERVERS TAB).


Do You Need to. Set a new email account in Outlook Express

Or You have an email account set up in Outlook Express and want to check the settings


WARNING. The screenshots used relate to OUTLOOK EXPRESS v5 Other versions of OUTLOOK EXPRESS, or OUTLOOK, or other mail clients, will look slightly different, but the same basic information is always available.