About SPAM email


Sending Email

If you wish to use software such as Outlook Express then you will send outgoing email using the server belonging to the company who provide you with access to the internet (e.g. Freeserve, BT, AOL, FreeUK, ConnectFree etc). By setting the 'return address' of your email to you@yourorganisation.org.uk (and, if you are allowed) even the 'from' field to you@yourorganisation.org.uk, your email will appear as if it comes directly from your domain. See these instructions

Why is this done this way? The simple answer is the problem of SPAM (unwanted email). Most of the larger ISPs (BT, AOL etc) block you from sending email except through their servers. In this way they can swiftly identify and 'punish' customers who send SPAM.
The origin of SPAM
SPAM itself was (and still is) a meat product - Shoulder Pork and Ham. Then along came UK comedy show Monty Python's Flying Circus with a comedy sketch about breakfasts - and the "SPAM song". Basically, there was an awful lot of it on offer - whether you wanted it or not. Just like unsolicited email today!
When are emails, SPAM?
Generally SPAM is associated with high volumes of sent email - but your mailing list of 200 people can easily get called SPAM if you don't get it right.

Tip. Make it clear how to get removed from your list. Most people won't complain unless they get repeated emails from you that they cannot stop.