Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. Are your quoted website design fees completely inclusive, or are there hidden charges? A. There are no hidden charges. When you sign up for the Christian Web Services package you can be confident that your organisation will have an attractive and fully functional website for the quoted price - which start from 299. Various facilities cost more to program and install. We are pleased to discuss with you your needs and the costs involved.

You should remember to budget for website hosting however. This is an ongoing requirement of having a website. Our hosting charges are just 140 per annum for a typical website. You can ask another company to host your website at any time - but our prices are very competitive. Remember our hosting includes unlimited changes to one existing web page per quarter within the hosting subscription.

If you maintain your website yourself (i.e. make changes to text or pictures after the design has been completed) then we make no additional charge. If not, then see Q3 below.

NB There are NO VAT charges to pay on our services.

Q2. Can I maintain my own website free of charge? A. Yes. We make no charge if you want to maintain your own website. Many of our customers do so.

NB You may edit any page on your website except any flash navigation menu's, or any page which is created in Flash. If those need changing after initial design you should ask us to do it.

Q3. I do not want to maintain my own website - so do I have to pay every time my telephone number changes etc? A. We are happy to make any reasonable MINOR EDITS to your website without charge. An example of a minor edit is one of the following:
i) a change to or addition of a telephone/fax number, email address or postal address
ii) a correction of a spelling mistake or other 'typo'.
iii) a change to opening times or equivalent features.
Q4. What if I do not want to maintain my own website - but want to make substantial changes to text and/or pictures? A. If you want changes to an existing website which fall outside of the 'minor edits' defined above, and outside of our "unlimited changes to one existing web page per quarter within the hosting subscription. we will be delighted to do this for you but will raise a fixed 'page change request' charge of 50 which covers all the changes you want made to that page at that time. Please contact us when you need extra pages adding to your site
Q5. Does your price include registration of our website address? A. Yes. The annual hosting charge covers the costs of registering a website address.
Q6. Who operates Christian Web Services?
A. Christian Web Services are an experienced internet company specialising in website development for various Christian organisations and business.
Q7. Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I move it to another supplier to host if I wish? A. You may move your website to another hosting service at any time after the initial hosting fee has been paid - though Christian Web Services all inclusive prices are very competitive. Remember it's not JUST the hosting space you are getting from us!
Q8. Do you use Macromedia Flash in your websites? A. We will use Macromedia Flash if required, however we prefer to use more traditional linking methods, these are definitely search engine friendly. Other methods are progressively less so.
Q9. In what format do you like to receive words and photographs about my business for my site? A. It is obviously helpful to us if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form - for example, a word document or .txt file and digital images as .jpg, the files output by a digital camera. If this is not possible, we can scan information in, at our discretion. for our postal address contact us.
Q10. How do we go about briefing you about the website details? A. Call us or email us (contact to get our telephone Number) to discuss your site. It is not always necessary to meet - many people talk to us on the phone and then email us text and images.
Q11. Do you provide web counters/ website usage figures? A. If you wish, we can also provide a very comprehensive statistics package at a small additional cost.
Q12. Do you provide graphics for my website? A. We can provide attractive images for your non-exclusive use, solely within your website. Beyond this we use the words and photographs which you supply (and which you must confirm to us that you have the right to use). Such images are charged for, the rate depends on the cost of the images. Please note whilst our standard fee is 5.00 per image, some photographs can cost in excess of 50.00
Q13. Will my site be" Search Engine" friendly? A. When we build your website you are asked to provide a comma separated list of all the relevant key words you can think of. We then use these to include all of the relevant 'metadata' which your site needs to present itself to Search Engines.

Note however that WHERE your site appears on the list depends on many other factors. For example, if you sold 'bouncy castles' in London then search engine Google already has 630 entries - many of which are simple reports of events where bouncy castles were present. Google ranks sites according to a complex formula which changes regularly.

FREE ENTRIES ON SEARCH ENGINES. We register you with free listing services Google, Altavista and Lycos, and there are many others which you can get onto - look for the "Add my site" or "Add my URL" section on the Search Engine website and follow the instructions.

PAY PER CLICK ADS. It is important to realise that nowadays very many of the top listings in most Search Engines are paid adverts - and that you can benefit from this by using one of the advertising services yourself. Two of the best known are Google (Adwords) or Espotting. You pay a lump sum in advance (say 100) then 'bid' an amount you are prepared to pay if someone clicks on your ad (amounts go from 10p up to several pounds per click depending upon the market you are in, as it were).

WEB CLASSIFIEDS. You can get additional paid listings in many web directories. e.g. Looksmart 'Submit Your Site' .

BEWARE. Third party services which promise to get you top of the Search Engines can be very expensive and generally just use one of the techniques above - which you can easily do for yourself using the guidance given here.

Q14. How do I set-up my POP email in Outlook or Outlook Express? A. Click here for the instructions, which will open in their own window.

If your

Q15. Can customers contact us through our website? A. Yes. Your site can be provided with a standard customer contact form that your customers can complete online. You then receive their details through your email. This allows them to make enquiries, ask for information etc.
Q16. e-Commerce


A. We can add payment facilities to your website - however be aware that this will involve added cost.

We accept are Paypal  - which is low cost to us, and Free to the customer

Note that Paypal which allows you to take credit cards online is currently Free to register, you pay a % of the transaction value to them for the facility.

NOTE. Any use of Credit Cards to accept payment has associated problems (i.e. clients charging back their card after you have delivered their product). Please read the Paypal information carefully.

Q17. Database backed sites A. Database backed websites are more complex than standard sites (and significantly more expensive). Please complete our contact form if you know you need a database backed site, or have any other more complex requirement.