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All websites need an address. For example, your webname (Domain Name) may be:

Choosing the correct webname is crucial. Please read the advice on this page carefully. You will also find useful links for checking availability.

If in doubt, Contact us. We have lots of experience in finding suitable names, and in recognising unsuitable ones. If you know the name you want Click Here

Should I use a '' webname or '.com' webname?
  If your customers or users are primarily in the UK then we advise using a '' or'' webname. This is because many people in the UK have now learned that this means local to the UK (e.g. while .com addresses are often USA based.
If many of your customers are overseas then choose a '.com' address. Most overseas customers will not know what a address means.
Do not be surprised if your ideal webname has already been taken. The internet is very competitive, and many of the best names have already gone. With a little imagination, however, and our help, a suitable name can always be found.
In general, avoid names which are not or .com unless you are really sure that it is a good idea. Most customers will not remember, or even read properly, unfamiliar endings to domain name. (e.g .biz etc)
How do I find if the name I need is available?
  Use the tool on the left to check the availability of your chosen name.
  Other tips for choosing a name
Your webname will be used in promotion and advertising, and needs to be remembered by clients so that they can revisit your site. Key points to remember are:
keep it reasonably short, unless meaningful or otherwise unavoidable.
avoid 'tricks' such as substituting 1 for 'i' or 0 for 'o'.
capital letters can be used - allowing names such as to be made clearer.
  Useful links Useful online search for existing trademarks Online search for existing limited company names